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Lessons and Activities

Below are descriptions of the lessons and activities students participate in Technology Education/Engineering. Included in the descriptions are links to the Technology Engineering Curriculum Frameworks and pictures of the work students have completed.

7th Grade, 8th Grade

In all classes the first activity is an introduction to the Technology Education/Engineering Classroom. We discuss how technology impacts our life, which activities the students will be participating in, the frameworks, and the MCAS.

7th grade activity Transportation, CO 2 Race Car
Students will design and construct a race car to move a good from the ground through air. The assignment will be presented in the Engineering Design/ Problem Solving process format.

Framework Relations
6. Transportation Technologies Broad Concept: Transportation technologies are systems and devices that move goods and people from one place to another across or through land, air, water, or space.
6.1 Identify and compare examples of transportation systems and devices that operate on each of the following: land, air, water, and space.
6.3 Identify and describe three subsystems of a transportation vehicle or device, i.e., structural, propulsion, guidance, suspension, control, and support.
6.4Identify and explain lift, drag, friction, thrust, and gravity in a vehicle or device, e.g., cars, boats, airplanes, rockets.

8th grade
Activity 1 Manufacturing, Design and Construct in the Wood Shop
This activity is centered around Manufacturing Technologies specifically mass production. Students will be construct a prototype of an engineering design. Students will create the engineering design in the form of an orthographic projection/multiview drawing in class utilizing drafting tools. The product will be constructed utilizing mass production techniques from rough cut lumber. Students will safely use basic woodworking tools under the supervision and guidance of the classroom teacher. The assignment will be presented in the Engineering Design/ Problem Solving process format.

Framework Relations
4. Manufacturing Technologies -Broad Concept: Manufacturing is the process of converting raw materials (primary process) into physical goods (secondary process), involving multiple industrial processes, e.g., assembly, multiple stages of production, quality control.
4.1 Describe and explain the manufacturing systems of custom and mass (continuous) production.
4.4 Explain basic processes in manufacturing systems, e.g., cutting, shaping, assembling, joining, finishing, quality control, and safety.

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